Whitney Wolfe Relates to The Guilt That Women Face When it Comes to Pay

There is one thing that women face a lot of when it comes to asking for what they need. Many women are afraid to ask for a raise in their workplace. One of the reasons that they don’t ask for a raise is that they are worried about any consequences. For instance, there is the idea that not only are they not going to get that raise, but they are going to be penalized for doing so. There is also that guilt that comes with this type of request. Fortunately, there is one person that relates to this type of guilt.

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Whitney Wolfe is one of the people who has experienced this same struggle when it came to asking for what they need. This type of struggle is what has often stopped her pursuing something greater for the type of work she did. However, she does encourage women to ask for their worth. Whitney Wolfe thinks about the way men feel when they demand a raise. She notices that a lot of men feel empowered. This is not to say that all men feel empowered when they demand something that they need so that they can continue working for boss.

The idea of guilt is a very interesting thing. This could perhaps be one of the effects of oppression. In some cases, people who are used to being treated unfairly may find themselves feeling guilty when they ask for something that is fair. It is common for people who have grew up with injustice to feel as if they are deserving of less. Even when they become entrepreneurs, they feel as if they are going to have to do some extra work. Then they try to do the extra work only to find that they are unable to do it on a consistent basis. Meet the Tinder Co-Founder Trying to Change Online Dating Forever.

Whitney Wolfe herself put in a lot of work when it comes not only to Bumble but to relationships. She has learned how to trust again. Whitney Wolfe has learned to trust in her own value, and the trustworthiness of men.

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