What Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall Has That Others Don’t

For years, the Manaira Mall has been different from other malls. It is not the largest mall in Brazil, but it does have the most unique features that people can take advantage of while they are visiting the mall. The Manaira Mall has continued to grow and it gives people all the shopping options they need no matter what they are looking for. The shopping opportunities are not the only things Roberto Santiago made possible through Manaira. He also wanted to make the mall a premier destination for food and entertainment. The food that is served at the mall is some of the best in the country. There are unique restaurants that people cannot visit anywhere else in Brazil. In addition, there are different dining opportunities people can take advantage of if they are looking for something that will give them a taste of traditional Brazilian cuisine.


Even though Manaira has 11 different movie theaters and other entertainment options, Roberto Santiago wanted to see it have more. He put the expo center on the roof so people who were shopping or dining at the mall would be able to visit the center if they wanted to. He also wanted to make sure the mall would be able to generate a lot of business so he figured the expo center would be the best way to do it. There were many different ways for Roberto Santiago to make these things happen so he chose to offer different things to different people.


While the mall continues to grow, Roberto Santiago is figuring out other options that will make it the best it can be. The mall has everything people could want, but it doesn’t have the things that would allow them to stay there. Because of this, people would have to find other lodging opportunities if they were coming to the mall specifically to visit the mall. Roberto Santiago wanted to change that and make it something people could actually benefit from while they were shopping at the mall.


The most logical thing for Roberto Santiago to do was create a hotel that was with the mall. The hotel would be directly attached to the mall and would give visitors a place to stay while they were there. They wouldn’t have to worry about different lodging spaces if they were visiting and it would allow them the chance to make sure they were doing their best at finding the place to stay. Roberto Santiago is building the hotel with the same standards as he created the mall. He wants to be sure there are no issues with the hotel in the way there were no issues with the mall while he was building it.


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