Vinod Gupta’s Rise To Success And How He Gave Back To His Hometown In India

Vinod Gupta moved from India to the United States in his early 20s to seek a shot at entrepreneurial success. He attended the University of Nebraska once he touched down in the states, bagging a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s in business administration. After he graduated with both degrees from the University of Nebraska, he remained within the city of Omaha to work for The Commodore Corporation.


The Commodore Corporation was a business in the field of trailers; it manufactured and designed mobile homes to be sold throughout the United States. As a manufacturer – keep in mind that Mr. Gupta was brought onboard the figurative ship of The Commodore Corporation in 1971 – the company wanted access to a database of mobile home resellers across the nation. After Vinod Gupta browsed through thousands of phone books representing local areas around the United States, he compiled a list of every mobile home vendor in the nation.


With this list of potential customers, Vinod Gupta approached The Commodore Corporation and asked them to pay him roughly $5,000 in 1971 United States Dollars to access the database or allow him to retain ownership rights to the list and let The Commodore Corporation simply use it in return. The company chose the latter option, giving Vinod Gupta the keys to the proverbial car of mobile home marketing.


Gupta realized that the world needed better databases and lists of information, so he left The Commodore Corporation and created a company or two of his own: American Business Lists and Business Research Services.


Earlier this summer, Gupta – he’s a multi-hundred-millionaire – donated one million dollars to Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, a postsecondary school in his home village in India – Rampur Maniharan – to advance its capabilities and programs. Go To This Page for additional information.


Vinod Gupta is a perfect example of an American Dream Come True.


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