Todd Herman Describes How He Became A Legal Expert On Sexual Assault

Jeff Herman of Herman Law recently sat down for a Q&A session about his career as an attorney. Herman Law focuses on the sexual abuse, exploitation, and misconduct. Jeff Herman started out as a commercial litigator but before long he started specializing in cases involving sexual abuse. He now has about 30 years of experience and has helped hundreds of clients find justice who were raped, sexually abused, and/or sexually exploited.


Jeff Herman was a pioneer in doing forensic interviewing of his clients and truly cares about the wellbeing of them. He has coached people in law enforcement around the nation as well as those in education and mental health. Herman teaches people about empowering survivors through disclosure of what happened to them.


He says that in order to be a good attorney one needs to be dedicated and have a drive to doing it well. He says his particular work also requires empathy, compassion, strength, and understanding the importance of helping to empower survivors of sexual abuse. Jeff Herman says that this legal specialty definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, but he finds what he does to be very rewarding. He says that his clients have experienced their worst nightmares and he focuses on helping them as much as possible.


When a potential client shows up in his office Jeff Herman says that he and his team examine the case and use criminal investigation tactics to collect all of the pertinent information about it. He is involved throughout the entire process from when the potential client first comes in to the ultimate conclusion of the case. His law firm spends a lot of money to find his clients the best services for them and also brings in researchers, private investigators, and whoever else they feel they need for each individual case. Refer to This Article for additional information.


He says the case that got him involved in his specialty involved a woman who had an autistic son. The son had been sexually abused at the preschool he was attending. Once Jeff Herman looked into the matter he saw that one of the people working there had been convicted as a sexual offender. He was sickened by this and vowed to continue helping sexual assault victims for the rest of his career.


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