The Renowned British Ambassador to Israel Daniel Taub

Having served as a peace negotiator, and served in the Israel Defense Forces, Daniel Taub has gained ample experience in governance and diplomatic matters. Daniel Taub had real knowledge of the situation at hand in Israel. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

His appointment to be the Israeli ambassador to Britain was, therefore, a well-thought decision. During his tenure as the ambassador, he did a commendable job in improving the ties between Britain and Israel.

Taub saw to it that the level of trade between Britain and Israel grew to a golden state. He made it easy for inter-trade between the two countries by opening new opportunities to both nations. During a business awarding ceremony held in Britain, the secretary to the event organizing body, the British Secretary of State for Business, mentioned that there were more than 300 Israeli owned businesses legally operating in Britain.

The secretary also estimated the price of the annual revenue from trade between the two countries was over $7 billion. All this is attributed to the relentless and hardworking Daniel Taub.

Daniel Taub also played a big role in easing the tension in academic institutions between Britain and Israel. This is the largest student body in Britain voted for and championed the boycotting of anything related to Israel.

During his tenure, Daniel Taub ensured that he laid down policies which ensured that students aired their grievances without putting the relationship between the two countries in jeopardy.

This saw to a better exchange of academic research ideas and a better understanding of the culture between the countries. As he retires as the ambassador, his contribution in making the relationship between Britain and Israel better will go down in history as one of the best to ever be witnessed.

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born and raised in the Great Britain. His education was based on governance and diplomatic studies which he focused on. He enrolled at the University College in London where he got two degrees and also the School of Government of Harvard University.

After his studies, he moved to Israel where he served in different governance, legal, and diplomatic posts. This included being a medical officer for the Israel Defense Forces and later became the Israeli ambassador to Britain.

At some point, he was responsible for making speeches for the then Israeli president Chaim Herzong. Taub is currently the director of planning at Yad Hanadiv Foundation. He is living in Israel with his wife and their six children.

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