Securus Technologies Eliminating the Use of Drones for Contraband Transport, Once and for All

Securus Technologies is a correctional firm that sees every problem as an opportunity to make a difference. It was for this reason when the issue of contraband supply through drone surfaced; the company started investing millions in research and development in finding a solution to end the menace caused by drones. The use of drones can now finally be eliminated with the help of drone detection technology that the company recently launched after months of in-depth research.

Drones are being used by criminals to send many different contraband items to the correctional facilities. There are many correctional facilities across the country that is reporting that they are witnessing an increase in the influx of contraband items in their facility. It is primarily due to the rise in the usage of drones that have been increasing in the past few months. With the help of drones, the criminals are sending contraband items inside the prison, which is causing a lot of issues for the correctional officers. No matter how hard the correctional officers search the perimeter of the prison compound, they are not able to find any trace of contraband packages, because it has been picked at the time of drop. It is becoming hard to know when the contraband packages would be delivered by the drones as the inmates communicate the time and place of the drop as per the patrol routine to the criminals outside who would be using the drones to transport contraband items.

However, with the use of drone detection technology by Securus Technologies, the problem of contraband supply through drones can be quickly stopped. The drone detection technology would blanket the entire prison space, and as soon as any drone enter this space, an alarm would go off. The corrections officers would immediately get to know that a drone has opened the prison space and its location as well. Thus, whatever the drone drops would be immediately seized and in close range, the drones can be shot and confiscated as well. There are many drones that the corrections officers have caught in the last few years, which has showcased that the criminals are getting smarter with time and starting to use more and more sophisticated drones. The drone technology has evolved in the last few years, and many different types and sizes of drones are available today.

The criminals mostly use drones that are fast and small in size but have a considerable load capacity for contraband transport. The market is filled with such drones, and many such drones are being introduced into the market now and then as the drone technology evolves. However, thanks to the drone detection technology by Securus Technologies, the days would soon be over when the criminals think they would be able to transport contraband to the prison with ease and without any difficulties.