Sculpt Your Dreams into a New Reality

Some people have a gift for telling others how to take their dreams and make them into a new reality. Darius Fisher happens to be one of these exciting, rare individuals. On a recent appearance with Daniel Budzinski’s podcast, Fisher outlined all of the ways in which people can pursue their ultimate potential. As the president of Status Labs, Fisher is familiar with all of the ways in which people can transform their online presence to better shape their worlds.


However, Fisher isn’t just a CEO. He comes from a diverse background and has worked as a writer, digital expert, communications professional and entrepreneur, to name just a few of his previous exploits.


While on the podcast, Fisher revealed that he is a native New Yorker with a passion for academics and athletics. He also pointed out that, for a modern person, whatever pops up on the internet will often define and determine that person’s destiny—for better or for worse. At the young age of 31, Fisher has managed to attract 1,500 high-profile clients to his business. Working with people across the spectrum of life, Fisher has even worked with Fortune 500 brands.


Although he started without a PR background, Fisher was able to use his entrepreneurial life skills to get ahead. With a passion for digital identities, According to Businesswire, Fisher is focused upon helping clients to display their best selves online. Pointing out the importance of the results found on the first page of Google, as well as a host of other factors that combine to comprise a person’s online presence, it’s clear that Darius Fisher maintains a true passion for what he does. Using this passion to inspire others, he has managed to make a career out of his interests.

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