Roseann Bennett Brings Passion And Expertise To New Non-Profit Mental Health Facility


It would be the easiest thing in the world to ignore the problems that currently plague people due to a lack of mental health treatment. After all, mental health is often discarded as something unnecessary thanks to the culture of America that many people grew up with. Thankfully, times are changing and more focus is being put on affordable and accessible mental health treatment. Leading the charge is Roseann Bennett, co-founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment.


Roseann Bennett has been working in the world of therapy for over a decade now. Based out of New Jersey, Bennett spent the early portion of her career working as an inpatient therapist for families and marriages that needed therapy. It wasn’t until Bennett was moved into out-patient therapy that she began to see the real problems within her field. For starters, some patients were being forced to wait upwards of nine months before they could attend their first meeting. Read This Article to learn more.


This kind of timeframe was simply unacceptable to Roseann Bennett and for good reason: mental health can be an emergency and treatment needs to be administered as soon as possible. So, knowing the importance of her work, Bennett decided to establish the non-profit mental health facility known as the Center for Assessment and Treatment.


The Center for Assessment and Treatment is an organization that was created in order to bring treatment to individuals and families who desperately need mental health treatment but don’t feel like they can get it anywhere else. Bennett established the facility in order to bring care to those that lived on the fringe and felt marginalized even in their own community. The center has already skyrocketed in terms of customers treated and we figure that as word of mouth spreads regarding their good work, more people will keep coming. Recently the center incorporated Canine-Assisted Therapy in their plethora of innovative methods to address mental health issues.


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