Rocketship Education Here To Save The Day

Education is important for societal success. Without ample public schooling, it’s difficult for future generations of adults to prove themselves valuable to nations that supported their childhood growth.

San Jose is home to one of many Rocketship Education facilities, where there are more present than anywhere else in the country. Rocketship Education, a public charter school system, is designed to be placed in low-income areas, something founder Preston Smith thought up in founding the K-5 public school system.

Throughout its 10-year history, more than 15,000 students have graduated from Rocketship Education institutions across America, a whopping 85 percent of which come from low-income backgrounds. Better yet, the system’s collective performance compares favorably to the top 10 percent of elementary school districts that serve children from low-income backgrounds.

Parent Interaction Means The World To Children, Even If They Don’t Know It

Both poor- and wealthy-born children aren’t always fortunate enough to have both parents; while everybody wants two parents, ideally their biological parents, it simply isn’t possible 100 percent of the time.

Rocketship Education stresses how important parent interaction with children throughout early childhood, of which all current Rocketship Education students identify with, all enrolled in grades between kindergarten and 5th grade.

Not every student hails from backgrounds with ample money to support them, two biological parents, or tons of nice toys and belongings.

And That’s Where Rocketship Education Aims To Help

When children go through tough times, Rocketship Education’s leaders and teaching-level faculty are there to help.

Every location in the school system is considered a “safe zone,” meaning no parents who illegally immigrated to the United States can be arrested, or even questioned, despite police awareness of their illegal status.

Further, Rocketship Education is there to help during natural disasters, as proven early last year.

RSED Was There To Help During The Coyote Creek Flood

Coyote Creek is a river that flows through San Jose, home to 11 Rocketship Education installments. It flooded severely in February of last year, displacing more than 30 families whose children were Rocketeers.

The school system, founded in 2006, raised $60,000 to distribute among in-network families affected by the flood.