Peter Briger, a Financial Expert With Outstanding Leadership Qualities

The principal and director of private equity giant Fortress Investment Group peter Briger has a depth of experience in finance. Before joining Fortress investments in 2002, Briger had a successful 15 years career with Goldman Sachs where he was a partner since 1996. At Goldman, he held various portfolios such as co-head of the trading business, and whole loan sales and co-chair of Goldman Sachs unique opportunities among many others in private equity and distressed debt. He was as well the member of global control and compliance committee and Asian Management committee. The in-depth knowledge in credit, Finance, private equity, and management shapes Briger career at the fortress. Learn more about Peter Briger at

Since joining fortress, Peter Briger has been a member of the management committee responsible for credit fund. In November 2006, he was appointed a member of the board of directors and later in 2009 became a Co-chairman board of directors. He is one of the leading managers who has been actively involved in the transformation of fortress investment to currently managing wealth worth billions. Briger joined fortress investments in a capacity of principal bringing in connections and knowledge of Asia Market. Fortress increased in size and made several mergers under the watch of Briger and his colleagues. Some of the notable acquisitions between 2006 and 2007 include RailAmerica, Itrawest and Ski Resort.

Peter Briger and other principals made a bold move to launch an IPO been the first substantial private equity and hedge fund company to go public in America. Financial analysts termed the IPO as a way of moving from dark private money world to inviting public scrutiny. The IPO raised fortress’s investments significantly paving the way for other private firms to follow suit.

Ten years after the IPO, Peter Briger and his fellow principals made a deal with Soft Bank Corporation, a Japanese conglomerate, where Fortress was bought at a price of $3.3 billion. Briger and his colleagues remained principals, and further pocketed $1.13 billion each. Up to date, Fortress remains as an independent entity under the management of the principals.

Peter Briger earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Princeton University and holds masters in Business administration from Wharton School of business. He is a strong supporter of charity such as the central park conservancy and a board member of Princeton University Investment Company.

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