How Nathaniel Ru Used Branding To Put His Restaurant Chain Sweetgreen On The Map

A restaurant company can be many things to many people ( It can be the place that a married couple remembers as their first date. A space for celebrating an occasion like a birthday or for commemorating the end of a long productive career by serving as the site of a retirement party. Good food, after all, has a way of bringing people together and serves as an activity that can build community. Restaurant industry newcomer and venture capital darling Sweetgreen knows this better than anyone. Founded by Georgetown alumni Nathaniel Ru and a group of his good friends, the company has successfully brought healthy and tasty salads to communities across the country including to areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Virginia, Maryland and the Bay area in the state of California. The company has been able to launch approximately 40 different locations. Learn more:


The company started because Nathaniel Ru and his partners recognized that there was a need for food that would be nutritious for the people who bought it, taste good and also be as easy to access as a cheap hamburger and a side of fries were at McDonalds or Burger King. With that goal in mind Nathaniel and his friends set out to create a business that could come to define what it means to be a restaurant in the new millennium. One of the things that Nathaniel Ru and his team have done to make Sweetgreen a success is to create a restaurant atmosphere that delivers on a superior customer experience. They go out of their way to train their staff to treat guests like family and to do things like helping a customer who comes through the door with her hands full carry her heavy bags or like covering the seats of bikes belonging to customers with shower caps to keep them from getting wet on rainy days. These are just a few of the things that put the “sweet” in Sweetgreen according to the company. Learn more:


The other factor that sets Sweetgreen apart and makes it a restaurant company to watch is its emphasis on being as much as lifestyle brand as it is a restaurant brand. According to Ru, one of the ways that the company has accomplished this is by hosting a music festival called sweetlife. The music festival has served to successfully build a strong relationship between Sweetgreen and its customers and, according to Nathaniel Ru, built an “emotional connection” with the people that eat at the restaurant. While companies frequently sponsor music festival there are not very many that can say that they actually started one organically in a way that makes perfect sense for its brand.



Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg: Adept at Acquiring Leads

Julie Zuckerberg, the lead recruiter for Deutsche Bank, has a reputation as being adept at acquiring leads globally and across age ranges. She went to law school, which is an asset in her career which often brings her into touch with contract, negotiations, rules and regulations, and public speaking. Her work history is impressive, and she has steadily been gaining recognition for her abilities as a talent recruiter.


Zuckerberg has made a name for herself as a recruiter because of her ability to relate to people all over the world and across age ranges. A recent article on “” described Julie as being skilled with the Millennials who are coming into the workforce currently, and represent a unique challenge for many recruiters because they are bitter due to college debt and have lost faith in corporations. Julie has the ability to bridge cultural divides and make people feel excited about employment opportunities. The company that she works for now, Deutsche Bank has a reputation as an employer that keeps it’s employees best interest at heart, and this helps Zuckerberg perform her job well. Many millennials, for example, frequently change jobs. Zuckerberg takes on the responsibility of seeing that the talents she hires are happy in their respective positions and motivated to work for the greater good of the company.


One way that Julie Zuckerberg has found to keep the employees that she helps the bank hire motivated and engaged in their tasks is to draw from the bank’s employee pool first when hiring for a new role. Employees in entry level positions are motivated by this because it provides them with ample opportunity for moving around in the company. They could try a position that is not necessarily different, but does offer variety, or they could go for a promotion. This strategy is just one of the techniques that Zuckerberg has learned over the years.


Julie Zuckerberg has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, and a graduate degree in Law. After law school, she worked for Hudson in the role of “Director of Candidate Placement“. This led to a position with Citi Global Consumer Bank. Zuckerberg became an executive recruiter for Citi Global ten years ago. She was promoted to executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions. Soon after, she moved to a position at New York Life Insurance, where she worked with senior management towards reaching recruitment goals. Currently, Zuckerberg holds a position with Deutsche Bank, where her title is is “Talent Acquisition Lead”.


Her career and passion for being a skilled executive recruiter keep Zuckerberg busy, but she manages to find time for other hobbies and activities. She enjoys running and photography. She is a fitness expert who teaches others about ways to keep healthy and balanced.


Groundbreaking E-Cigarette Study From Oncotarget

Oncotarget has come out with a ground breaking study that claims e-cigarettes are bad for gums. The study has found that they have caused adverse effects to gum health at the molecular level. The study was led by Ifran Rahman, a PHD Professor of Environmental Medicine. Rahman would like manufacturers to note all chemicals used so we can become more educated on the possible hazards as he conducts even more studies. The study indicated that flavoring chemicals were bad for the gums. In addition to flavoring chemicals being bad, e–cigs also contain nicotine which is an addictive substance also found in traditional cigarettes. Not only that, but the study was also able to find that when the vapors from e-cigs were burned it caused cells to release inflammatory proteins that agitate gum cells and lead to oral disease and other adverse effects. The more users continue to use e-cigs without the awareness of the health detriments, the more consequences they will suffer in their oral health. E-cigs are commonly thought to be a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes but this study seems to point in the direction that this is not an accurate claim.

Oncotarget is a peer reviewed journal that aims to uncover more effective ways of handling patient treatment and ways of improving the effectiveness of health protocols by medical professionals. The peer review system targets discussions in identifying the routes of pathological diseases, therapy targets and cancers. It also goes over management programs and findings in patient satisfaction. Learn more about Oncotarget at

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Roberto Santiago is a Business Mastermind

When Roberto Santiago was still a child, he opened up his own business. He designed the idea for a great shipping box, marketed it to other people and even worked to make sure that he was able to grow the business. It was something that he was good at and something that he knew he would be able to do depending on the different options that he had for people. While Roberto Santiago knew that the shipping business wouldn’t work unless he continued to grow it, he also knew that it would help him to make a lot of money to get his career off to a great start. He eventually sold the business for a huge sum and that allowed him the chance to start coming up with ideas for developing commercial properties and making sure that they would be able to do more for the people in the areas that they were in.

The first thing that Roberto Santiago did was create commercial properties. He did this for stores and other locations and so that people would have a chance to shop and enjoy themselves. He also wanted to make sure that he was doing what he could to show people that they could get more out of their lives while they were shopping. While Roberto Santiago did develop some residential properties, he kept his focus mainly on commercial areas and that gave him a chance to make more money and provide more opportunities to people. Read more on

Perhaps one of the biggest commercial properties that he developed and continues to run is the Manaira Mall. This is a very large mall where people can come to do different things. It is not just a shopping mall but is, instead somewhere that people can come to shop, dine and be entertained. There are things like movie theaters, a concert hall, fitness centers and even a college in the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago did this so that he would be able to provide many benefits to people all around the mall and with their specific needs that each visitor to the mall had.

Now that the Manaira Mall has grown so much and has been so successful, Roberto Santiago wants to make sure that things are going to continue working well for the mall. He hopes to modernize it even more in the coming months and to make it a destination for tourists and locals alike. Roberto Santiago knows that the mall will be a great place for people to be able to come and for them to make sure that they are going to get what they need when they are shopping and looking for new entertainment options at the mall. Visit his profile page on Facebook.

Brad Reifler: The CEO and Founder of Forefront Capital Management

Brad Reifler is a renowned American financial expert, investor, and serial entrepreneur. His over three decades of experience in the financial industry has made him one of the most knowledgeable and skilled financial advisors in the country.

This has seen him offer investment advisory services to many companies and highly rated investors in the country. Mr. Reifler founded his first company known as the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, one year after graduating with a degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. The company specialized in managing global derivatives.

Pali Capital

Brad Reifler grew his first business from scratch, but later sold it to the Refco Company in 2000. He founded Pali Capital in 1995 and served as its Chairman and CEO until October 2008.

Reifler raised the revenue to more than $200 million during his time at the company while at the same time increasing their operations with UK, Latin America, Singapore, and Australia.

Founder of Forefront Capital

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital in 2009 and holds the CEO position in the company. Their excellent services in the capital markets, investment management, and investment banking have attracted great influential entrepreneurs in the industry.

Brad Reifler’s experience in the financial markets for the last few decades has helped him succeed in the foreign currency exchange markets advisory to many investors. He also aided the launch of the Forefront Income Trust in 2014, which allows investors to get an 8% profit before the firm begins earning.

Other Duties

Brad Reifler holds various regulatory licenses including Series 2, 7, 24, and 63. He also serves on the Board of Trustees as the chairman of the Finance committees at Millbrook Schools, in addition to holding the director’s position at the Roots Market.

He was a former advisor at the Sino Mercury Corporation too. Mr. Reifler previously served in other companies including Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank, among others.

George Soros and His Quest for a Democratic World

There are people whose lives and struggles repose our lost belief in humanity and by all means, George Soros is one of such individuals. The way he dealt with unfavorable circumstances during the early years of his life demonstrates that all we need to ascend the ladder of success is dedicated perseverance and a firm belief in ourselves. George Soros is an accomplished investor, a generous philanthropist, and a dedicated advocate of democratic values.

George Soros was born Budapest, Hungary in 1930, a time in history when Europe was bleeding in the conflagration of Nazism. Being a Hungarian Jew, he grew up in the most trying circumstances ever faced by the Jewish community. Though his family survived the Nazis’ war against Jews, he and his family had to go through the macabre experience and trauma. He left Hungary when it was taken over by communists and chose the U.S. as his home.

Starting his career as a waiter for a pittance of earning, George Soros went on to become one of the greatest investors of the world. The net worth of his investment business is $25.2 billion.

Having experienced firsthand the miseries of dictatorships and the depravities of unbridled power, George Soros has become a philanthropist with a dedication to promoting democracy and freedom. To this effect, he founded the Open Society Foundation in a bid to promote democratic values through philanthropy. He is a firm believer in Karl Popper’s idea of societal progress and with that in mind, he established the Open Society Foundation in 1979. Through this Fund, he is seeking to support democratic governance, political accountability, and human rights. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The Open Society Foundation works in tandem with several partners and projects in more than 100 countries in all the main regions of the world. Under the aegis of this Fund, George has provided $12 billion to this day. He continues to give huge sums in charity through an extensive network of projects throughout the world.

George Soros initiated his philanthropic endeavors in 1979 by awarding educational scholarships to black South Africans suffering at the hands of Apartheid. He then went on to fund various projects in the Communist Eastern Bloc in order to develop an ambiance of freethinking and rationalism. He helped to translate and publish various books banned by the Communist regimes and then disseminate these books among the youths of the countries in the Eastern Bloc. With the passage of time, George extended the contours of his Fund to include the U.S., Africa, and Asia.

The legacy of George Soros is adorned with an unstinting commitment and dedication to forging a democratic world, where accountability and freedom are prevalent. George Soros made a great fortune in business and turned much of his profits to serve humanity through philanthropic activities.

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Anthony Petrello CEO

If you are wondering how to get everything you want done in life, just look at the schedule of Anthony Petrello.

He is the CEO of a growing business, and he also spends a lot of time working with a local hospital. There are a lot of people who wonder out loud about how he can possibly get everything done. The great thing about him is the fact that he truly cares about the lives of other people. With everything that he is working on, Anthony Petrello is ready and willing to help other people get to a new level in life.

Follow Anthony Petrello on LinkedIn.

Anthony Petrello
From the time he started out in business, Anthony Petrello has always wanted to help others in whatever he decided to do. This is just the type of person that he is over time. If you are ready to learn how to invest in the lives of other people, he is a great example to follow. No matter how busy he gets with his work or his career, he is always there to help other people follow in his footsteps. There are a lot of people who are inspired by his work in a variety of areas.

In the coming years, Anthony Petrello wants to help as many people as possible with their future life and career. He is excited about the changes that are coming, and he is always there for people who are willing to work hard to make a difference in the lives of people in their community.

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Achievement of PodcastOne’s Founder Norman Pattiz

According to a report released on PRNewswire on Feb 9, 2017, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, and executive of Edison Research, Tom Webster, made public the results of extensive research focusing on effects of advertising on various consumer brands under different product categories.

In 2016, Edison Research was hired by PodcastOne to conduct three different studies to determine the impact of podcast advertising for five brands operating nationally. Some brands were less popular focusing on creating awareness, while others were popular, but aiming to launch new content.

According to Biz Journals, the objective of this survey was to determine whether podcast advertising provides enhanced brand awareness compared to traditional advertising platforms according to PodcastOne’s executive Norman Pattiz.

The result further confirmed the multi-level approach applied by PodcastOne during its advertising campaigns.

The executive of Edison Research, Tom Webster said they were excited to be involved in the partnership meant to measure the effectiveness of podcast campaign.

The methodology used during the survey allowed the researchers to compare audiences before and after campaigns. This methodology allowed the researcher to proof that podcast advertising has a positive impact on a range of critical effectiveness measures.

Norman Pattiz’s Career History

Pattiz has been serving as the CEO and executive chairman of PodcastOne since mid 2016. Prior to joining PodcastOne, Pattiz was providing consultancy services to Westwood One Inc, a company he founded in 1974. After founding Westwood One Inc., he became the CEO where he served until 1994.

During his tenure at Westwood One, the firm became the largest provider of news, entertainment and debates across the United States. Additionally, the company managed other platforms including CNN radio, CBS News, NFL Football, NBC radio and several musical and talk shows. In 20010, Mr. Pattiz formed Courtside Entertainment Group to specialize in production and distribution of quality programming.

Towards the end of 2012, PodcastOne was launched, and immediately became the number one distributor of audio programming. Today, the company has worked with more than 200 most podcasts in the U.S. Before completing his second term as the President of United States in 2000, Bill Clinton appointed Norman Pattiz to serve in the Broadcasting Board, and later President Bush extended his contract in 2002.

In 2009, he was recognized for his role in the broadcasting industry and was given an award by Library of American Broadcasting. Mr. Pattiz serves on Boards of various organizations and institution of higher learning like University of California.

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U.S. Money Reserve, the Largest Distributors of the U.S. Government Issued Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest distributors of the U.S. Government-issued gold, platinum, and silver legal coins. On September 2016, the U.S. Money Reserve launched a new DRTV(direct response television)show known as “2016 Gold Summit”.

The 2016 Gold Summit Show

The 2016 Gold Summit runs for 28 minutes and takes place in Los Angeles, California with Larry King serving as a moderator. The show also includes President Ronald Reagan’s eldest son, Michael Reagan as well as other credible panelists such as John Rothans, Brad Castillo, and Philip Diehl. Philip Diehl serves as the U.S.Money Reserve President, John Rothans is the Master Numismatist for U.S. Money Reserve, and Brad Castillo is the former Vice President of Sales of U.S. Money Reserve.

The three panelists believe that every citizen of America has the right to be in possession of gold. This trio also speaks informatively on the advantages of owning government U.S. gold and its volatility in the financial market. Larry King and the three panelists discuss major topics that concern the selection and purchase of precious metals in the market today.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Gold market veterans established the U.S. Money Reserve in 2001 by combining market knowledge and customer services to guide people when buying precious metals.

The U.S Money Reserve is located in Austin, Texas and has worked with over 400,000 clients who have successfully benefited from owning the precious metals. Many people across America rely on the U.S. Money Reserve to help in their diversification of assets in the form of U.S silver, platinum, and gold coins.

U.S Money Reserve has a well-trained team ranging from numismatic and coin research professionals. These professionals are equipped with vast knowledge of the market to assist them in finding products that offer high profits for the buyers of the precious metals.

The primary goal of the reserve is to establish relationships on long term basis with all their customers. Clients consider U.S Money Reserve to be trustworthy in helping them choose precious metals that are appropriate for their portfolio and of the highest quality as well as the most appropriate precious metals for their portfolios.

Over the years, the U.S Money Reserve has helped a large number of people to make wise decisions about platinum, silver, and gold. The U.S Money Reserve is the best seller of graded and certified U.S. Government platinum, silver, and gold coins.

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Kate Hudson Works to Become Leader in Athletic Clothing with Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that has managed to grow in a short time frame. In less than a decade this has become a company that produces more than 200 million in revenue annually. That is an amazing accomplishment for a company that people did not know about 10 years ago. It still has a long way to go in order to compete with a company like Amazon which makes billions of dollars each year, but Kate Hudson is definitely on the right road with what she is doing right now with Fabletics.


It appears that the Fabletics brand is one that has been linked to a lot of garments that are comfortable and stylish. These are the two factors that are leading women to Fabletics. It is not to say that Amazon does not offer comfort and style when it comes to athletic wear, but Fabletics has the extra competitive advantage of being an athleisure brand of clothing.


Consumers that are looking for athleisure clothing that is comfortable and durable enough for workouts will consider what the Fabletics brand has to offer. This is a fairly new concept, but there are lot of women that are running errands and actually going out for lunch or work in the athleisure clothing that is presented by Fabletics. This is clothing that allows women too workout in the same wardrobe that they are often wearing to the office. This is something that was not a reality years ago. It has become something that has been come fairly new for the clothing industry, but it definitely is appealing to so many women that are interested in this brand.


Fabletics has become the company that has grown as a leader in an industry that did not have any clear defined leader. Athletic clothing for women is something that has been sold in a lot of different places. Most women have found these type of clothes in department stores, but there really has not been a definitive leader in this industry. Kate Hudson is someone that wants to take the role as the leader in this area. She is confident that the Fabletics brand is one that can appeal to women of different races and different sizes. She is certain that there’s something for everyone that is interested in working out. Her passion for athletic clothing is something that will help her rise to the top.