OSI Group Grows Transforms into a Powerful Global Food Provider

OSI Group is today one of the top international food providers, with over 20,000 staffs at 65 food processing centers across 17 nations. Its growth from a simple meat shop to a leading corporate business is an important part of economic history of America in the 20th century. OSI strives to ensure its clients are having a quality experience almost everywhere in the world.

Brief History

OSI Group’s History is entrenched on the experience of an immigrant. Otto Kolschowsky started selling meat to his Chicago community in his small meat shop in 1909. His retail meat shop grew into a wholesale and transferred its operations to Maywood, a Chicago suburb, after the First World War. Kolschowsky rebranded the business in 1928 and named it Otto & Sons.

Otto & Sons secure a major deal as the main supplier of meat products to McDonald’s restaurants in the late 1950s. Otto & Sons transitioned from a regional supplier to a global company named OSI over the next 2 decades. This transition saw seasoned executives like McDonald and Lavin take on top leadership positions in the company.

OSI Group’s Expansion Activities in Europe

Since 2013, OSI has directed its focus towards increasing its presence in Europe. OSI opened a LEED-certified processing facility in Ostroda, Poland, back in 2013. The facility specializes in beef production. A year later, the multinational food provider opened separate joint ventures in Germany and the UK. OSI Group started an innovative global trading platform called GmbH in Gunzburb-Denzigen, in 2013. Initially, OSI aimed to use the trading platform mainly for its poultry holdings in Thailand and Brazil. This platform gave OSI more autonomy over its supply chain, which streamlined its global operations.

Another major investment in Europe came in 2016 when OSI Group acquired a controlling stake in Netherlands-based Baho Food. This diversified Dutch company is the major supplier of meat and other different products in Netherlands and Germany. The same year, OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe, now called Creative Foods Europe following its rebranding in 2018. It also opened a regional office in Gersthofen, Germany, to oversee its activities in Europe.

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