Dr. Saad Saad is a pediatric surgeon with over two decades experience, he is located in New Jersey and works in several hospitals in the area among them include; Monmouth Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center and Jersey Shore University Medical center. Dr. Saad attended Cairo University school of medicine where he attained his degree.

Some of his patients have described Dr. Saad as a confident, and skillful doctor; he is also friendly, and children feel at ease around him. In a recent interview, Dr. Saad revealed who exactly is Saad and how his career in medicine began.

Saad attended high school in Kuwait, and at this time, he wanted to become an engineer, this dream had been inspired by his elder brother. However, it was not his path. The weather in Kuwait triggered Saad change of mind since the summers in the region were hot. After careful deliberation, Saad decided he wanted to work in an indoor environmentwhere he would not experience the harsh weather, and that is how he landed into medicine.

Just like before, when still in high school Saad looked up to his brothers and admired their work before deciding his path. After deciding to become a Dr. Saad looked up to Dr. H Biemann Othersen. Dr. Othersen, a successful pediatric surgeon, worked closely with Saad and has contributed significantly to shape the doctor he is today. Some of the attributes Saad learned from his mentor were kindness, hard work, and honesty. Dr. Saad, also learned it is essential to treat all your patients equally regardless of their race, social status or color.

One trend that excited Dr. Saad is how genetics is improving researchers ability to understand chronic diseases as well as come up with treatments for conditions like cancer. Saad also values research and says that research is one way that helps bring his ideas to life. For one stand out, it is crucial to identify one thing that helps towards achieving success in your field. Dr. Saad’s habit is organization. Having a plan on how to execute tasks helps prevent procrastination and this, in turn, makes him more productive and efficient in his work. Learn more: