Matric and Dan Bethelmy-Rada Create a Cost-Effective Environmental Product

For a couple of years Dan Bethelmy-Rada, the president of the global brand of Matrix/Biolage, has been working on a new product called R.A.W., a product that is supposed to be all-natural, wholesome and authentic. Dan recently talked to the media soon after the launch of his new product in America.

Dan believes that today’s customers will no longer be attracted to products that are inspired by nature. All the ingredients in the must be natural and must not have much of an impact on the environment. Dan and Matric have made a great commitment to make sure that R.A.W, meets the expectations of what natural products should be like, Matrix has made sure that all aspects of the product are environmentally correct, from packaging to manufacturing packaging and methods.

To make sure that R.A.W. Is natural, they use a formula that will only use ingredients that do not have sulfates, parabens or silicone. Dan Bethelmy-Rada thinks that the origins of all their products are from fair, sustainable and traceable supply sources. Matrix’s formulas are respectful of the environment and use green chemistry. The sources of their ingredients are from plants, seaweeds, plants, fungi, and honey.

The packaging for this product is made in such a way that it will not affect the environment very much and the bottles for this product are made of recyclable plastic. If you combine the ingredients with the packaging, the product is actually 98% organic and biodegradable.

To create this product, Dan Bethelmy-Rada with his team had to overcome some obstacles. This company wanted to make sure that their product was natural, despite the constraints that they had in making this product.

One of the key obstacles was trying to keep the costs down. Creating the formulas, making environmental packaging and producing the product affect the cost of the product. It is hard to make money on a product if it is too expensive for people to buy.

Dan and company were able to make a product that was environmentally correct and not too costly.