Makeup Maven

The colorful creator of one of beauty’s biggest and brightest brands, Lime Crime, is Doe Deere. With a hugely successful makeup company, a compassionate and charitable heart, Doe Deere is still an artist and humble person at heart who has much business advice to offer to people as a makeup maven.


Doe Deere’s fascination with color and makeup began as a young child. She would dress herself in colorful clothing and adorn her face with her mother’s makeup. Her interest led her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she studied fashion design. Her interest in fashion led her to her first business venture.


Doe Deere began making her own clothing designs. She began selling her pieces on Ebay. She later decided to create makeup to match her bold fashion styles. The name lime crime came to mind, and the name stuck. The artist then began to focus fully on creating a bold collection of makeup that expressed her imaginative and fairy-like style.


Doe Deere started her company Lime Crime Cosmetics to be a trail-blazing, daring, amusing and quality brand. The company focuses on making makeup that they are obsessed with. They aspire to make makeup that stands out and speaks to a creative, expressive person. Lime Crime is not only a makeup brand but a brand that is mindful of creating vegan and cruelty free products. Feeling a bit rebellious, need something for a special occasion or just wanting to try a new lip color, Lime Crime is the ideal makeup for all your spontaneous and rebellious desires.


The company that first started out by getting its first customer from an online post Doe Deere created several years ago, has grown into a mega beauty empire. Today, Lime Crime has three million followers on Instagram. The company is still very digitally focused and has social media and the internet to credit for much of its marketing and success. The beauty CEO loves the instant feedback of social media and being able to deliver results to the customer based off of their feedback. She ignores any rumors or negativity and focuses solely on the distinct, fearless and trendsetting brand she has created. The company is always making sure to remember the importance of not testing on animals and charity for animals and women. As the company has garnered more success, the company has given back to these charities: Girls Inc., HOLA for kids in LA, Sanctuary For Families, the Bideawee animal shelter, Adopt NY and the Red Cross.


Doe Deere is a successful makeup maven that teaches all of us the power of combining one’s passion with one’s brain and the successful result that can come from it. She is not detached from her roots and can be found with a brightly colored face of Lime Crime on social media celebrating her originality and imaginative personality. With all of her immense prosperity, we absolutely see why Self-Made magazine named her as one of the top female entrepreneurs.


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