Luxury at affordable prices

Everyone likes luxury shopping, but the thing is, can everyone afford to luxury shop? This is a question that we all can only answer personally for ourselves. However, in the meantime, the love for fashion doesn’t have to fall by the wayside. This is simply because of a marvelous thing called consignment. Boutique’s and specialty shops have been participating in this practice for many years, and with the discovery and advancement of the internet, it has now made it to the world wide web.

Consignment is defined as an agreement in which goods are left with an authorized third party seller and which the consignor receives a percentage from the sale. These items are usually high end luxury items such as clothes, shoes, purses, and sometimes jewelry that have been gently worn or used. These items are sold at a discounted rate to the buyer willing to accept the item as used. There are many wonderful luxury items that can be obtained this way and it works out for everyone (The buyers and sellers)

The RealReal is a reputable online consignment boutique that offers everything from Cartier watches to Chanel, and Fendi bags. They also have clothes and shoes available as well. As I mentioned jewelry is fair game for consignment, and The RealReal has a jewelry section on their website. Who would not love to have a nice Cartier watch that would sustain for years to come for a fraction of the price? There is a wide range of jewelry and time pieces available on their Instagram and website which is listed under their company name.