Larkin & Lacey And Their New Foundation

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund came out of a situation that was difficult for all parties involved. People in Maricopa County Arizona were amazed to find that their Sheriff was corrupt, and two reporters found all the evidence they needed to write their stories. However, the Sheriff tried to stop them. This is a story of how Joe Arpaio lost his position, was found out by the community, and a lawsuit he lost paid for a brand new social justice foundation.

  1. What Was The Problem?

The problem in Maricopa County Arizona was that the Sheriff was using his office to do things that he was not supposed to do. He was abusing his power, and two reporters zeroed in on his corruption.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were both arrested at home under the direction of Arpaio, but they were released quickly when the story became national news. They were able to sue his department for false arrest, and they went to court. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

  1. Why The Lawsuit?

These two men wanted all this information to come to light, and they figured the only way to do that would be to sue the county and the Sheriff. They won their lawsuit in a landslide because all the evidence was on their side.

They were able to prove that they were targeted for harassment, and they were awarded a large sum of money. That money because the nest egg for their foundation, and they started the Frontera Fund.

  1. Why Start The Frontera Fund?

The Frontera Fund was something that these two men believed needed to be started. They wanted to create a foundation that could offer assistance to people who were targeted by the police or loan law enforcement. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Speak Out on Trump Pardon of Arpaio | Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Their foundation has millions of dollars to work with, and they use that money to offer legal assistance to the people who require it most. People can call them to get help from a lawyer, and their website has a lot of information about dealing with the police.

  1. Their Story Continues

Both Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey has a strong bond with their mission. They believe that they must do what is best for the people of the southwest, and they know that those people require care that they cannot get elsewhere.

They have heard and seen stories of migrant workers harassed, natives who have been targets, and people of color who have been mistreated. They want to improve the whole of the American southwest, and they believe they can do so through this foundation.

  1. Conclusion

The Frontera Fund is the way that these men wanted to help the public get better. They want the public to be more educated, and they believe that they can teach the public something about social justice.

They offer legal services as needed, and they still report as much as they can. They took down a corrupt Sheriff who was abusing his power because they knew that that was the right thing to do.

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  1. It is really bad when someone who was supposed to use his office to protect the citizen is the same person using his office to harass the same citizens. This indeed angered the duo of Larkin & Lacey who then try to expose the activities of the Sheriff. It is a bold step they took and one which I applaud it was so courageous of them. You can read from this site all about the story of Larkin, Lacey and the Sheriff Joe Arpaio how Joe ordered the arrest of of Larkin and Lacey and how the duo sued the sheriff and the county and indeed, won their case with large sum of money paid to them.

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