Kate Hudson Works to Become Leader in Athletic Clothing with Fabletics

Fabletics is a company that has managed to grow in a short time frame. In less than a decade this has become a company that produces more than 200 million in revenue annually. That is an amazing accomplishment for a company that people did not know about 10 years ago. It still has a long way to go in order to compete with a company like Amazon which makes billions of dollars each year, but Kate Hudson is definitely on the right road with what she is doing right now with Fabletics.


It appears that the Fabletics brand is one that has been linked to a lot of garments that are comfortable and stylish. These are the two factors that are leading women to Fabletics. It is not to say that Amazon does not offer comfort and style when it comes to athletic wear, but Fabletics has the extra competitive advantage of being an athleisure brand of clothing.


Consumers that are looking for athleisure clothing that is comfortable and durable enough for workouts will consider what the Fabletics brand has to offer. This is a fairly new concept, but there are lot of women that are running errands and actually going out for lunch or work in the athleisure clothing that is presented by Fabletics. This is clothing that allows women too workout in the same wardrobe that they are often wearing to the office. This is something that was not a reality years ago. It has become something that has been come fairly new for the clothing industry, but it definitely is appealing to so many women that are interested in this brand.


Fabletics has become the company that has grown as a leader in an industry that did not have any clear defined leader. Athletic clothing for women is something that has been sold in a lot of different places. Most women have found these type of clothes in department stores, but there really has not been a definitive leader in this industry. Kate Hudson is someone that wants to take the role as the leader in this area. She is confident that the Fabletics brand is one that can appeal to women of different races and different sizes. She is certain that there’s something for everyone that is interested in working out. Her passion for athletic clothing is something that will help her rise to the top.

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