JD.com And Their Holiday Efforts


JD.com or Jingdong Mall, is an online e-commerce company located in Beijing, China. The company is also known as Jingdong. They are one of the largest online retailers in China. Statistics from their revenue and order volume show they are a large e-commerce retailer within their region. JD.com is a Fortune 500 company. As of first quarter statistics for 2018, Jingdong had a total of 301.8 million users.

Jingdong began online e-commerce efforts in 2004. Shortly after initiation, the company began selling different types of electronics and computers. JD.com switched names to 360buy.com during 2007. They settled on their current name in 2013.

Jingdong is the largest company online for delivery via drones and robots. The company has a large infrastructure capability. The company regularly test their robotic delivery services. They also plan to explore their driverless delivery services in order to expand and further accelerate their business efforts.

JD.com is partnering with a company called Sanrio. Sanrio is a Japanese company that produces and licenses products in the pop culture segments. Their products include items in fashion, accessories and gifts. Their merchandise is sold worldwide. Hello Kitty is a popular figure for young children, and the brand is prevalent within today’s market. Over 300 million consumers in China will receive Hello Kitty branded products.

Limited edition products of Hello Kitty brand are available through the online e-commerce website. The company will be advertising Hello Kitty products in online categories such as FMCG and food. Jingdong is expanding their efforts with an interactive photo-booth located in the Wangfujing APM shopping mall located in Beijing. Customers of JD.com can take a picture with JOY and Hello Kitty during this event. The company is offering online promotion in an effort to expand business for the holiday season. See This Article for more information.

JD.com’s goal is to engage their consumers within their market space. The online e-commerce company offers many products that appeal to a wide variety of people. The 2018 holiday season presented an opportunity for the company to reach a different market and attract customers to their online platform.


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