Jacob Gottlieb Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Over the years, the healthcare industry has changed. Jacob Gottlieb has brought one of the change. The transformation he has delivered is regarding investment. Gottlieb has founded Altium capital which is an investment fund that emphasizes on the investment opportunities in the healthcare industry. Among the companies that Altium has invested in include Oragenics, Oramed Pharmaceuticals, and Amarin Corporation.

Oramed was the first company that Altium invested in; the investment was a 5.6% stake. With the investment, Oramed was able to develop an oral treatment for diabetes patients. The company also tested the treatment and released it into the market. The other investment Altium made was in Amarin. Amarin is a pharmaceutical company that develops drugs for improving cardiovascular health. Amarin had its drug, Vascepa, approved by the FDA in 2012. Aragenics also benefitted from Altium capital investment. The company deals in antibiotics for infectious diseases. The company has the needed technology to speed up the production of medicines.

Gottlieb shares the office space with Stuart Weisbrod of Behemoth. The two are thinking of collaborating in future. Jacob Gottlieb also founded Visium asset management which had over 200 employees and $8 billion hedge fund. The company was faced with a scandal and had to shut down; Gottlieb was the only executive who remained. Before that, he was the founder of Balyasny asset management and had large portfolios that made him a top earner.

Gottlieb has educational qualifications from different universities. He graduated from Brown University with a bachelor of arts in economics. Gottlieb has also studied medicine at the New York University medical school. However, he was interested in the financial industry which he has followed up to date. Gottlieb is also a certified financial analyst. He received his Chartered Financial Analyst from the association for investment management and research.