Igor Cornelsen’s Journey to Career Actualization

Igor Cornelsen was one of the pioneers in the Federal University taking engineering. Getting admission in the institution was indeed a golden chance that had to be utilized maximally. Cornelsen dedicated all his time to books where he later took a different course in economics. Probably this was to open up his mind more and make him marketable to the job market. The training he acquired also gave him the confidence to develop his career.

Most are the time when engineering and banking intertwine. Having had some expertise in engineering, Mr. Igor Cornelsen had an easier time carrying out computations in a banking institution. The banking setup specialized in project and portfolio management since the systems were not yet computerized. After some time it was evident that Igor Cornelsen was above average and his performance was terrific. It was at this point where he was awarded a promotion as an investment banker and later the CEO of Multibanco.

The acquisition of Multibanco presented an opportunity to show his abilities to Unibanco. Eventually, instability in security prices was experienced, leading to a tremendous drop in the revenues. As a result, there was a massive retrenchment of employees including Igor Cornelsen. He found an opportunity in London Merchant Bank. In the banking sectors, delocalization was one way of exposing the employees to be diverse in the field. In the London Bank, some employees were moved to Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. For his competence, Igor was appointed as one of the board members.

After much exposure, Cornelsen voluntarily left the firm with the intention of starting his investment firm. For him to do well, Mr. Cornelsen had to be on toes with current business news and carry out a competitive analysis. Creativity is one of the things that make him outdo his competitors.

A wise investor is always aware of the securities that consume less time to manage and quick to do away with those that consume more time. Another secret to success is having the voice of reason, and working with facts, not opinions. These have been the strong points of Igor, and they have indeed paid off.