George Soros and His Quest for a Democratic World

There are people whose lives and struggles repose our lost belief in humanity and by all means, George Soros is one of such individuals. The way he dealt with unfavorable circumstances during the early years of his life demonstrates that all we need to ascend the ladder of success is dedicated perseverance and a firm belief in ourselves. George Soros is an accomplished investor, a generous philanthropist, and a dedicated advocate of democratic values.

George Soros was born Budapest, Hungary in 1930, a time in history when Europe was bleeding in the conflagration of Nazism. Being a Hungarian Jew, he grew up in the most trying circumstances ever faced by the Jewish community. Though his family survived the Nazis’ war against Jews, he and his family had to go through the macabre experience and trauma. He left Hungary when it was taken over by communists and chose the U.S. as his home.

Starting his career as a waiter for a pittance of earning, George Soros went on to become one of the greatest investors of the world. The net worth of his investment business is $25.2 billion.

Having experienced firsthand the miseries of dictatorships and the depravities of unbridled power, George Soros has become a philanthropist with a dedication to promoting democracy and freedom. To this effect, he founded the Open Society Foundation in a bid to promote democratic values through philanthropy. He is a firm believer in Karl Popper’s idea of societal progress and with that in mind, he established the Open Society Foundation in 1979. Through this Fund, he is seeking to support democratic governance, political accountability, and human rights. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

The Open Society Foundation works in tandem with several partners and projects in more than 100 countries in all the main regions of the world. Under the aegis of this Fund, George has provided $12 billion to this day. He continues to give huge sums in charity through an extensive network of projects throughout the world.

George Soros initiated his philanthropic endeavors in 1979 by awarding educational scholarships to black South Africans suffering at the hands of Apartheid. He then went on to fund various projects in the Communist Eastern Bloc in order to develop an ambiance of freethinking and rationalism. He helped to translate and publish various books banned by the Communist regimes and then disseminate these books among the youths of the countries in the Eastern Bloc. With the passage of time, George extended the contours of his Fund to include the U.S., Africa, and Asia.

The legacy of George Soros is adorned with an unstinting commitment and dedication to forging a democratic world, where accountability and freedom are prevalent. George Soros made a great fortune in business and turned much of his profits to serve humanity through philanthropic activities.

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