Drew Madden’s Skills Integral During Rapid Expansion Of The High-tech Healthcare Industry

The internet has changed our expectations. We often look at people’s social media profiles to understand them as a person, furiously debate topics in complete anonymity and we demand instant gratification.

Amazon has filled that need for instant gratification. You simply log into your account, find the products you want to order, click “Buy” and they end up on your doorstep just a day later. The convenience has now turned the tech startup into a trillion dollar business.

Amazon wants to make life even easier. They have been exploring one-hour delivery in some cities and have even played with the idea of delivery drones. But it is their move into healthcare that will really up their value.

The company now has permission to start selling medical devices in certain states. At some point, they’ll be selling prescription medications. And I wouldn’t be shocked if they started selling primary care through online physicians in the future.

The company’s entrance into the healthcare sector has forced CVS to adapt. The pharmacy now has to offer convenience to compete with Amazon. They recently bought up the insurance company Aetna in an attempt to do just that.

Customers will soon be able to walk into a CVS, buy health insurance, see a primary care physician and then get any prescriptions filled on the spot. This would mean that CVS controls the entire healthcare process. This added convenience would surely help them compete with the likes of Amazon.

This all sounds great. Consumers will benefit. Better access to health care and lower prices should lead to less disease and longer lives. But there are some serious ethical and logistical worries. For example, how do you protect online medical records from hackers?

Drew Madden is passionate about the subject. The healthcare IT entrepreneur has served as president for Nordic Consulting Group where he oversaw an explosion in business. Now he is a managing partner for Evergreen Healthcare Partners where he continues to innovate solutions to the industry’s toughest IT problems. Drew Madden and his team will be an integral part of the rapid expansion of high-tech healthcare industry.