Doe Deere on What it Means to Stand Out In a Crowd

Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere, was recently featured on Guest of a Guest. She discussed her advice for women who want to become entrepreneurs. The article was very interesting and, in true Doe Deere fashion, her main piece of advice was for women everywhere to listen to the voice inside them telling them their true passion and to follow it. She tells women to go where they love and to do what they love.


This is wonderful advice, especially coming from Doe Deere. She founded her beauty brand, Lime Crime, in 2008 for the sheer reason that she couldn’t find the brightly colored lipstick shades that she loves to wear to express her inner self. Doe Deere has never been afraid to stand out in a crowd. In fact, her flock of Lime Crime lovers has dubbed her the Queen of the Unicorns because of her ability to stand out as a shiny and majestic woman in a world full of people who try to fit in with the crowd at every turn. Lime Crime doesn’t just have fans, the makeup company has loyal followers who feel that they are a part of the brand.


Lime Crime has achieved this following by using sheer creativity in every single product that the company releases. For example, Lime Crime recently rolled out a line of eyeshadows that come packages in the brightly colored plastic that is styled to look exactly like the ‘90s craze of Polly Pockets. Lime Crime also recently launched a line of semi-permanent hair dyes in all of the wonderful shades that Doe Deere is most known for. From purple to blue to pink, every shade can be used for women to express their inner goddess through bright colors.


In the Guest of a Guest article, Doe Deere gave us a little insight into how she became the entrepreneur she is today. She spoke about her very first business, which she launched when she was only 13 and living in Russia. The company was a temporary tattoo business, and she sold the temporary tattoos to her fellow classmates. She also talked about the fact that when she launched Lime Crime she had no idea it would take off. She didn’t know that women everywhere were looking for the bright shades that she was looking for. However, Lime Crime did resonate with many women. Her company has grown leaps and bounds and continues to expand its product line. Learn more: