Doe Deere Divulging Her Creativity

Doe Deere, also known as “Unicorn Queen“, is the founder of Lime Crime, a makeup company that strives to unlock the creativity within us all through makeup. Doe Deere hopes her passion for makeup can inspire others to express themselves in unique ways and transform the concept of modern day makeup as we see it.


Doe Deere at a young age showed glimmers of creativity. Before the Unicorn Queen was a makeup tycoon, Doe attempted the life of a musician, forming a band. Showing an early interest in music and a dream as a child to be a musician this was the clear path for Doe as she made her way to the big city of New York to begin her journey. Doe believes her life as musician was a beneficial one, as she learned about marketing and finance. These skills directly translated to her makeup career which she stumbled upon during her time in New York. Her natural creativity, flair, and entrepreneur interest is what birthed Lime Crime as we know it today.


Lime Crime is a unique company which offers a unique take on makeup from a unique individual. The colors and styles Doe Deere has chosen are bright and exuberant, a mirror reflection of her bubbling personality. This exotic form of makeup is the prime reason Lime Crime was pushed into the lime light. Doe’s unconventional flashy brand of makeup gives consumers new and vast options to express who they are. Lime Crime, offers an exotic collection of makeup for both males and females to indulge squashing the cliche that only women can wear makeup. This is but one of the walls Doe hopes to break down as her bizarre collection of makeup storm the market. Learn more:


It is without questionable that Doe Deere brings a unique and alluring flavor to the current makeup industry. Doe uses her brand to express her self and connect with like minded individuals who like Doe, crave an outlet of self expression. Doe Deere, also known as the Unicorn Queen, is transforming the industry and doing so while giving thousands around the world the ability to be themselves. Learn more:


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