Doe Deere and Her Road To Success

Doe Deere is known as a leader in the fashion world. It all started when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates as a young girl. Today, she resides in Los Angeles as the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics.


Doe first set foot in the fashion world when she registered an eBay store for her independent clothing line in 2004. She wanted to model the clothing for her potential customers, but she needed certain shades of makeup to bring each outfit together. When Doe could not find the shades she needed, she decided to start creating and selling unique shades to her customers. Lime Crime was born in 2008, and the company creates a range of cosmetics and hair products.


The original Lime Crime collection included blush, glitter, eye shadow and brushes. Doe created online makeup tutorials to show customers how to use the products. She also held contests and giveaways for her products on her blog. Lime Crime was able to gain a lot of popularity through the online exposure, and the company was already making steady sales by 2009. Today, Lime Crime has over 3 million followers on Instagram.


Doe Deere is not afraid to give advice to help potential fashion entrepreneurs succeed, and her words of encouragement can be found online or heard at various events. She advises her fans to listen to feedback, respond appropriately and use criticism as a learning experience. Doe also encourages her fans to speak on topics that are important to them. She uses her inspiration on fans to help them find their own road to success.


Lime Crime is famous for offering makeup and hair products in a variety of fun shades. Fans who want to show off their mysterious side can find shades such as dark purple and black, and fans who prefer a brighter palette may enjoy the pink and orange shades. The current collection includes the Unicorn Lipstick, Venus Palette and Pop-On Nails. Lime Crime recently introduced products such as the Unicorn Hair Dye, Diamond Crushers and Aquarium Brushes. Their mission is to create products that allow fans to express themselves. The products can be purchased online and at Urban Outfitters retail stores.


Doe Deere moved from Russia to New York City to find success. She was a member of a rock band and studied fashion design, which gave her the experience she needed to work with the public. It is safe to say that Doe has achieved her dream of becoming a successful fashion entrepreneur.


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