Dick Devos: The Face of Progress

DicK Devos is one of America’s most influential businessman and entrepreneur. He is the son of Richard Devos, who is the CEO of Amway and is the husband of Betsy Devos. For years he and his wife have spent millions to fix up the state of Michigan.


For almost two decades now, The Dick and Bets Devos family foundation has spent million in the field or arts, science, health, and culture. However, the foundation has made great strides in the healthcare field in the area of hospitals.


What is the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital?


The Helen Devos Children’s Hospital has been a saving grace for many children in the state of Michigan. It has also been very helpful for parents who need to go to work but can’t or don’t want to leave their children alone.


“The children’s hospital now has allowed families to remain at home and for parents not have to take time off work to drive to Mayo (Clinic), or Chicago or Ann Arbor or wherever the case may be to receive care,” said Dick DeVos.


The Helen Devos Children’s Hospitals have saved many children who, if not for the incredible generosity and care from the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, would not have been possible.


Say Hello to a New Form of Education


Perhaps one of the most important areas that the Devos’s family is incredibly passionate about is the educational system. Dick and his wife, Betsy Devos, being the secretary of education, the educational system will receive a huge revamp.


It is no secret that our educational system is failing the nation. Children are receiving lackluster education from teachers who are instilling in them the fixed mindset.


It is without a doubt one of his wife’s greatest virtues to instill in children the growth mindset. Where the foundation and the mission really shines and excels is in the area of providing proper education for all children in the state of Michigan.


The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation


The Dick and Betsy Foundation is turning the state of Michigan around and for the better.

With children hospitals, a means to offer the highest level of education for all children, placing families as the number one priority in society, Michigan is, at last, looking to have a brighter and better future.


Final Thoughts


There is something to be said about helping your neighbor. It speaks volumes about a person character to uplift the lives of those you have no relationship with. Dick Devos and his wife Betsy Devos are truly the face of progress in the state of Michigan and are helping to turn around cities like Detroit into respectable and progressive cities.


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