David Giertz Speaks on Social Security Investment

In a recent interview with WJS, David Giertz, a financial retirement expert talks about investment advisers and their lack of communication with clients about social security. A survey completed by Giertz shows was focused on how investment advisers are interacting with clients on Social Security investment and how clients should manage this aspect of their investment portfolio.

Giertz was surprised to find out that many clients on angel.co were not being advised about the rules of social security that applied directly to a client. Since the 2,700 rules are difficult to navigate, and even harder to decipher, he is surprised at the number of people who are not informed.

He also noted that clients who are not being advised should bring it up, and insist they get the service they are paying for, which is sound financial advice that benefits their future.

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Who is David Giertz?
Giertz is a well-known, accomplished social security investment adviser. He is extremely talented and makes it known that he is ready to go above and beyond what most advisers are willing to provide. His expertise is in the private sector and the distribution of private-sector retirement plan on Instagram. Giertz is very active in the various aspects of business with Nationwide, and does his best to ensure that clients are offered the best advice possible on their retirement options.

Giertz is the Senior Vice President and Director for Nationwide Financial Distributors INC, since 2013. Giertz frequently provides interview based advice on the value of optimizing their retirement with social security investments.

Learn more about David Giertz: https://twitter.com/davidgiertz

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  1. Of a truth, most ventures in our society this days fail to bring up the discussion of social security matters for reasons unknown to me. It is very important to use phd dissertation in other to get the basic information out there to the public. Giertz has been known over time to be a strong advocate of the quest to make the issue of social security relevant for people to be enlightened about.