Betsy DeVos Reforming Education

Educational equality isn’t a privilege. It is a human right. Unfortunately, due to region and financial status, every child doesn’t have easy access to education as others do. We live in a society that is working to change this. Education should be offered to every child, regardless of their location or family finances. Gratefully, Betsy DeVos is dedicated to reforming education to advance opportunities to all children.

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Where It All Started

It is no surprise that Betsy DeVos’ strong passion for education has continued consistently throughout her career. Her desire began during childhood. Betsy DeVos’ mother was a public-school teacher. Being the daughter of a teacher ignited a high level of importance on education in her life. In addition, Betsy DeVos personal experience with her children’s schooling allowed her to acknowledge the lack of education for other kids. Her and her husband, understood that while they could afford the best schools for their children, not every family was able to do the same.

Supporting Families

Martin Luther King once said, “The tragedy is the appalling silence and indifference of good people.” Neither Betsy nor her husband Dick DeVos, have fallen tragedy to turning a blind eye. Both have been partners in making education their family philanthropy. They first started by visiting the Potter’s House Christian School, which gives education to low income families. Here, they learned that all parents want the same thing for their children: to have the best learning in a safe environment. At this point, they started financially supporting individual students to help with their education. Imagine how many more children across the U.S. needed assistance as well. Betsy became a part of a foundation which gave low income families scholarships. However, there were still children slipping through the cracks. Betsy wanted to fill that gap. Therefore, she served on the board of two national charities: Children First America and American Education Reform. Through both organizations, Betsy’s was able to use vouchers and tax credit to help families. Betsy and Dick both participated in passing Michigan’s first charter bill in 1993. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Education in the Future

Betsy efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Through consistency and passion, she’s has reformed educational equality. Being chairman of the American Federation for Children, has afforded states like Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana have all benefited from the tax-credit scholarship program. Now almost million students have more educational choices!

Sir Francis Bacon’s quote, “Knowledge in itself is power” has never carried more truth. Thus, for the past thirty years Betsy Devos has since been committed to giving children and their parents power by creating more educational opportunities through assistance. Through Betsy’s reform, regardless of a student’s location, circumstances, or financial ranking, they will have educational freedom!

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