Canine-Assisted Therapy Can Help Children According To Roseann Bennett


Most people seem to love dogs and it turns out they really have earned their name of man’s best friend even in the world of mental health care. Recently, Roseann Bennett began integrating “Canine-Assisted Therapy” at the clinic that she and her husband co-founded, The Center for Assessment and Treatment. Their non-profit organization operates out of New Jersey and has been able to improve the lives of their patients through the use of dogs.


There are some good reasons why people enjoy petting dogs and that is why Roseann Bennett knows they can be useful when it comes to improving people’s mental health. As a licensed therapist, she has more than a decade of mental health experience when it comes to marriage and family therapy.


While “Canine-Assisted Therapy” isn’t the first option that is tried in the Center for Assessment and Treatment but it has been found to be incredibly helpful in certain cases, especially in children who are having a difficult time with opening up.


Roseann Bennett realized that the people who statistically needed mental health treatment are usually those who are considered low-income. When Bennett began working with outpatients she noticed the waiting lists that were at times as long as 9 months. When Roseann Bennett opened the Center for Assessment and Treatment, working with children quickly became her favorite part of her job. It was her work with children that made her interested in implemented canine-assisted therapy in her practice.


When her clients need a little bit of extra help, therapy dog Jack is there to help. Therapy dogs are not trained in the same way as service dogs but many people think they are the same thing. Dogs with training like Jack are often used in places like schools, hospitals, and libraries as well as mental health clinics. See Related Link to learn more.


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