Cameron Clokie Successfully Performs Bone Regeneration Therapy in Canada

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a man of many talents. Today, he is flourishing in three different careers. He is a serial entrepreneur, a surgeon, and a scientist. Cameron Clokie has served as a dentistry and clinical specialist for more than thirty years.

His skills, expertise, and passion have seen Cameron Clokie serving in leadership positions in numerous institutions. In the year 1998, he was named as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. The University of Toronto was lucky to have Dr. Cameron Clokie as its professor of oral and maxillofacial surgery before he retired in 2017.

Bloomberg revealed that Dr. Clokie has published very many papers on the researches he has conducted over time. He has made many presentations both in Canada and internationally. The focus on his presentations was mainly about bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

Cameron Clokie holds twenty-five Unites States and international patents. Using the knowledge he has acquired, Dr. Clokie has formed alliances with leading businesses. He makes good use of his knowledge in viable enterprises.

Dr. Clokie’s education

Cameron Clokie has scaled the academic ladder up to the Doctor of Philosophy level. In 1985, he acquired his Doctor of Dental Surgery.

At the same time, he earned his bone regeneration Ph.D. from McGill University. He has provided lectures internationally on oral reconstruction related topics.

According to Crunchbase, Cameron Clokie continues to strive in his career as he focuses on his ultimate goal, developing bio implants. These bio implants he hopes will act as a substitute to autogenous bone grafts.

Bone regeneration bringing a new wave of change to reconstructive surgery

Eighty patients in Canada have gone through the bone regeneration therapy all thanks to Dr. Cameron Clokie. This new method of healing involves using a protein which seduces the adult bone cells into becoming bone tissues. Dr. Clokie says this technique has the ability of re-growing a jawbone similar to the one the patient lost.

Dr. Cameron Clokie has performed these critical procedures in Toronto General Hospital as well as at Mount Sinai Hospital. The new method to which Dr. Cameron Clokie has played an active role in has revolutionized the world of surgery.

Jerry GoldStein and TheNew York Bar Helps Individuals Find Legal Resolution

“I want a lawyer.”


“Lawyer up.”


We hear these phrases repeated on a loop within every crime movie or police officer television program, so much so that they have begun to shape how the public sees finding legal representation within America. The idea is that by simply uttering the oft repeated phrase, “Get me my lawyer” and a legal representative is quickly made available to assist you in whatever trouble it is you may have found yourself. Although the truth is actually much more difficult, as the truth often is, and for many Americans finding legal representation during trying times is not only an elusive prospect but at times no more real than the shows that have shaped that misconception.


The New York State Bar Association and Jerry Goldstein Make It Easier For Individuals To Find Representation


In a direct response to the difficult reality of finding legal representation, the New York State Bar Association through its affiliate outreach division has created a web portal that will help New Yorkers connect with local law professionals simply by answering a few questions pertaining to the type of legal representation they require and their local area.


How it works…


The web portal connects New Yorkers with professionals such as Jerry Goldstein who has built a career on ensuring that his clients find the winning side within their legal resolutions, by analyzing the quick questionnaire each user submits. Once the paperwork has been analyzed and an appropriate match is found, the information is passed along to the web portal user. The entire process of connecting with legal representation in their area is completely free, though if the web portal user decides to follow through and schedule a meeting with their selected legal representative there is a small fee to facilitate that connection.


Finding Representation Often is the Only Way Clients Find Resolutions That Work in Their Favor


If you are facing legal problems, whatever the case, it is imperative you seek representation from professionals such as Jerry Goldstein to ensure that your day in court is a success.


If you would like to learn more about the web portal please click here.


Restoring the Existence of DACA-Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund

Everything that has a positive side has a downside as well. There is nothing that is one-sided. The law falls into this category as well. The law has succeeded in keeping convicts behind bars keeping the state safe and full of peace. However, following the law has had negative implications as well.

This is because some innocent people have suffered the consequences of the subjection of the law and guilty ones have escaped justice. This is very unfair because no one deserves to suffer the implications of the law after being victimized.

This is what triggered the existence of philanthropic groups as well as activists in this society. Their primary goal is to protect the marginalized groups in the society. The humanitarians are the voice of the people. They ensure that the voice of the isolated people of the community is heard.

DACA institution is one of the firms that advocate for justice and fairness for all the people. The system has taken a particular interest in the immigrants’ rights. This is after the observation that most people who are ordered to vacate the country, have dedicated all their energy and talent to serving the USA. They, therefore, deserve some extended time to stay in the country.

DACA Organization assists its members to prolong their stay with two more years. During this extension, some of the members can acquire the legal documentation required to remain in the country. Other members, can complete education as well. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

It is very unfortunate for the beneficiaries because of the current unstable condition of the firm. This is after the Texas Attorney General, claimed that the enterprise does not have the right legal documentation to support its existence. Nine other officials supported these allegations. The Trumps government does not know whether to close down the firm.

The Arizona members have reacted negatively to this allegations. This is because they were the initial beneficiaries of the project. They described the actions of the nine officials and their ring leader, as unthankful and selfish. This is because the immigrants are helping people to the society.

They have assisted in building the economy with other citizens. This is because the revenue that they raise after they settle is mainly used in buying cars and paying house mortgages. This is a big boost to the economy. Also, the beneficiaries who get a chance to complete their education become the intellectual property of the state. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter and Michael Larcey | Facebook

The Frontera fund has promised to help out with the situation and ensure that the DACA is not closed down. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin dedicated all the money that they acquired from the Sheriff’s case, to set up the fund to help the immigrants.

The Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera fund is assisting firms like DACA that fight for human and civil rights, as well as the immigrants’ right. The promise of the Frontera fund has rekindled the hope of the dreamers. There are assured that their membership with DACA is now safe.


The Career of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker who has worked in the finance sector for many years. He has established a track record of success as both an investor and a financial advisor. During his career, Igor Cornelsen has been able to help many companies and investors generate profitable returns as well as more easily manage their capital. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: and

Over the course of his career, Igor has specialized in providing investment advice about commodities and foreign exchange. As well as being an expert on commodities and foreign exchange currencies, Cornelsen is also quite knowledgeable of the stock market. He is currently the founder of his own firm called Bainbridge Group Inc.

Cornelsen has a long list of major accomplishments in his career. He was an investment banker for many years and established himself as one of the top professionals in Brazil. During his career as an investment banker, Igor helped manage some of the largest banking institutions in the entire world.

As well as managing financial institutions, Igor has also established himself as a consultant who is available to provide advice on expertise with investing. Along with being a top investment banker for a number of years, Cornelsen has also gotten involved in entrepreneurship as well.

One of the things that Igor specializes in is financial advisory. Over the course of his career, he has provided a number of individuals and institutional investors with sound advice on investment options. He has helped investors find the best options such as finding the best stocks to buy, the best commodities and also how to profit from the foreign exchange market.

With his expertise, Igor frequently talks to investors and assesses their needs and goals. Once finding out this information, he then provides feedback on the best securities to invest in and how they will benefit the investor. With this approach, Cornelsen has established himself as one of the most trusted investment advisors in Brazil.

Cornelsen has been involved with investing himself over the years. He frequently invests his own funds in a number of top stocks as well as commodities and foreign exchange currencies.

His investment experience has enabled him to provide sound advice to his clients on a regular basis. By making profits on a consistent basis, Cornelsen has experienced a considerable amount of success as an investor.

Norman Pattiz Introduces Norman Lear as the Host of PodcastOne’s “All of The Above” Show

Norman Lear, a Hollywood legendary writer, director, producer, creator and a World War II veteran, is set to host the “All of The Above” show on PodcastOne. The legendary Norman Lear is well known for producing top sitcoms like Good Times, The Jeffersons, All in the Family and Maude. Norman Pattiz, the executive chair and founder of PodcastOne made the announcement earlier this year. Norman Lear is expected to engage his audience with great conversations on diverse topics like music, current events, family, comedy, social issues, politics and many more. The show will however, focus on the unique perspectives of politicians, celebrities and the common folk. Mr. Lear will be joined weekly by Paul Hipp, a huge friend, composer, actor, sidekick and composer.


Previous Guests and Conversation Topics


A number of guests have so far been featured on the show. They include Jerrod Carmicheal, Amy Poehler, America Ferrera and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Earlier featured topics revolved around basketball talents involving the son of Louis-Dreyfus, triathlon training with Ferrera, religion and Veep with Poehler and Julia respectively among others. The podcast debuted on May 1 and brings new episodes every Monday on iTunes, PodcastOne app and on Fans have the opportunity of pre-subscribing for the show.




Norman Lear stated that he had wished to wait for half his life to ebb away before launching his podcast. Mr. Lear believes that despite his age, he still remains a peer to his audience regardless of how old or young they are. He challenged people to subscribe for the show to prove that his claims are well founded. Mr. Pattiz on his part expressed the huge admiration he had for Norman Lear and was ecstatic that he had his podcast on his network, which was gigantic and awesomely cool. He heartily welcomed his namesake to the network. Learn more:


About Norman Pattiz



Pattiz founded Westwood One and led it to become the biggest radio network as well as provider of traffic programming, sports, news, talk and entertainment to the U.S. Broadcast industry. The company managed, distributed or owned CBS News, NBC radio networks, NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, the Mutual Broadcasting System and others. He went on to launch Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and recently started PodcastOne Sales and PodcastOne. PodcastOne Sales is currently at the top of the national podcast sales and marketing. Norman Pattiz has served on the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors twice having been nominated by President Clinton in 2000 and then reappointed by President Bush in 2002. Learn more:

Dick Devos: The Face of Progress

DicK Devos is one of America’s most influential businessman and entrepreneur. He is the son of Richard Devos, who is the CEO of Amway and is the husband of Betsy Devos. For years he and his wife have spent millions to fix up the state of Michigan.


For almost two decades now, The Dick and Bets Devos family foundation has spent million in the field or arts, science, health, and culture. However, the foundation has made great strides in the healthcare field in the area of hospitals.


What is the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital?


The Helen Devos Children’s Hospital has been a saving grace for many children in the state of Michigan. It has also been very helpful for parents who need to go to work but can’t or don’t want to leave their children alone.


“The children’s hospital now has allowed families to remain at home and for parents not have to take time off work to drive to Mayo (Clinic), or Chicago or Ann Arbor or wherever the case may be to receive care,” said Dick DeVos.


The Helen Devos Children’s Hospitals have saved many children who, if not for the incredible generosity and care from the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, would not have been possible.


Say Hello to a New Form of Education


Perhaps one of the most important areas that the Devos’s family is incredibly passionate about is the educational system. Dick and his wife, Betsy Devos, being the secretary of education, the educational system will receive a huge revamp.


It is no secret that our educational system is failing the nation. Children are receiving lackluster education from teachers who are instilling in them the fixed mindset.


It is without a doubt one of his wife’s greatest virtues to instill in children the growth mindset. Where the foundation and the mission really shines and excels is in the area of providing proper education for all children in the state of Michigan.


The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation


The Dick and Betsy Foundation is turning the state of Michigan around and for the better.

With children hospitals, a means to offer the highest level of education for all children, placing families as the number one priority in society, Michigan is, at last, looking to have a brighter and better future.


Final Thoughts


There is something to be said about helping your neighbor. It speaks volumes about a person character to uplift the lives of those you have no relationship with. Dick Devos and his wife Betsy Devos are truly the face of progress in the state of Michigan and are helping to turn around cities like Detroit into respectable and progressive cities.


Executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi – President Of Bradesco

Executive Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in the year 1951 in Marilia city of Bradesco. Later on, after his high school, he joined the University of Sao Paulo where he enrolled in the faculty of philosophy, science, and letters. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi then joined Bradesco Bank in 1969 where he began as a clerk. He then went ahead to be a chairman of the insurer of Bradesco group in 2003.

He also participated in other areas such as the private pension and marketing fields, and due to his eye catching determinations, he got promoted to the vice president at the age of 47. Much later on, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi got nominated for the presidency of the bank of Bradesco. The bank of Bradesco during this time was in an unstable condition due to poor management conditions. The bank had just lost its financial rankings to its rival Brazilian bank Itau Unibanco. This situation advantaged Itau Unibanco as it made it the first Brazilian multinational in the financial sector. Due to this kind of challenges, Cypriano, the former president, got overwhelmed as he was also aging, and this eventually led to his retirement at the company’s 65th year.


The board members of Bradesco decided to renew its command, and later on, in March 2009, Trabuco took over the presidency of the bank.  As the fourth president of Bradesco bank, his name managed to take the front line despite the usual disputes. The other three directors by the names Amador Aguiar, Lazaro Brandao, and Cypriano had also contributed to the bank’s success. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s first mission was to enable Bradesco to go back to its previous place in the banking rankings. He, therefore, came up with a corporate university whereby, he rationalized the leadership cadres, while at the same time he coordinated with the executives. He then bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC in 2015, for about US $5.2 billion with the same motive of battling to the top position in the private sector. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, in his statements, said that the acquisition of HSBC had contributed a lot especially in the bank of Bradesco market shares sector. Within a short period of time, the leading Brazilian Itau Unibanco bank was outperformed by Banco de Deus, a Bradesco branch in Osasco. Bradesco together with HSBC market shares combined overwhelmed the Brazilian bank in various sectors such as; the branch network, number of account holders, and total investment funds among others. According to him, this was a massive unnatural growth to the bank that would have, otherwise, been achieved without the HSBC initiative.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s 40 year’s existence in Bradesco has resulted in significant changes in the company’s 65 years of history. From a mere employee to a top level position, he managed to acquire the experience needed to rescue Bradesco. Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi era as the company’s president to date has contributed much, to about 30% profit. For instance, during his time, his leadership skills wildly aided in the elevation of Bradesco share market. This is factual as the statistics showed a whopping two percent rise of total premiums from 23% to 25% . Not only to mention this, but the bank’s profit from insurer contribution also had received a high rise by a stunning 9 % from 26 % the previous figure to 35 %.

For more information about Luiz Carlos Trabulo Cappi, just visit

Alexandre Gama: Profile of a Top Businessman

Alexandre Gama is one of the top businessmen in Brazil. Through his company Neogama, he has been a top official in the Brazilian advertising field for many years. During his successful tenure, Gama became the only Brazilian to be involved with the Global Creative Board, which only added to his reputation.

Gama graduated from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado with a degree in Advertising and Propaganda. After graduating, he started working as a writer at Standart Ogilvy. He then went on to work at DM9. During his time here, he won more awards than any other Brazilian writer. After tenures as a partner at AlmapBBDO and a CEO at Young & Rubicam, Gama started the now famous Neogama.

Neogama is the first Brazilian advertising agency to win a Golden Lion at Cannes Film Festival. The agency would also go on to win several more Golden Lions at Cannes as well as an Agency of the Year by Meio e Mensagem.

With the success of Neogama, Gama has seen his profile enhanced tremendously. He has been awarded the Magna class by the Cannes Film Festival. Gama is also a member of the Board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies. Along with this, he has had his works presented at the Brazilian Art Museum.

It is clear to see Alexandre Gama is a giant in advertising and business in Brazil. Through his numerous achievements and accolades, he has cemented his legacy in his field. It can be assumed that he will continue to dominate the world of Brazilian advertising for years to come.


Betsy DeVos Reforming Education

Educational equality isn’t a privilege. It is a human right. Unfortunately, due to region and financial status, every child doesn’t have easy access to education as others do. We live in a society that is working to change this. Education should be offered to every child, regardless of their location or family finances. Gratefully, Betsy DeVos is dedicated to reforming education to advance opportunities to all children.

Read more:

Where It All Started

It is no surprise that Betsy DeVos’ strong passion for education has continued consistently throughout her career. Her desire began during childhood. Betsy DeVos’ mother was a public-school teacher. Being the daughter of a teacher ignited a high level of importance on education in her life. In addition, Betsy DeVos personal experience with her children’s schooling allowed her to acknowledge the lack of education for other kids. Her and her husband, understood that while they could afford the best schools for their children, not every family was able to do the same.

Supporting Families

Martin Luther King once said, “The tragedy is the appalling silence and indifference of good people.” Neither Betsy nor her husband Dick DeVos, have fallen tragedy to turning a blind eye. Both have been partners in making education their family philanthropy. They first started by visiting the Potter’s House Christian School, which gives education to low income families. Here, they learned that all parents want the same thing for their children: to have the best learning in a safe environment. At this point, they started financially supporting individual students to help with their education. Imagine how many more children across the U.S. needed assistance as well. Betsy became a part of a foundation which gave low income families scholarships. However, there were still children slipping through the cracks. Betsy wanted to fill that gap. Therefore, she served on the board of two national charities: Children First America and American Education Reform. Through both organizations, Betsy’s was able to use vouchers and tax credit to help families. Betsy and Dick both participated in passing Michigan’s first charter bill in 1993. Visit Betsy’s profile on

Education in the Future

Betsy efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Through consistency and passion, she’s has reformed educational equality. Being chairman of the American Federation for Children, has afforded states like Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana have all benefited from the tax-credit scholarship program. Now almost million students have more educational choices!

Sir Francis Bacon’s quote, “Knowledge in itself is power” has never carried more truth. Thus, for the past thirty years Betsy Devos has since been committed to giving children and their parents power by creating more educational opportunities through assistance. Through Betsy’s reform, regardless of a student’s location, circumstances, or financial ranking, they will have educational freedom!

Understanding InnovaCare Health and its CEO Rick Shinto

The President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, Rich Shinto announced addition of three executives at his firm. Dr. Shinto made the announcement on August 2016 with the aim of boosting the company’s operations and service delivery. The positions announced were chief actuary officer, chief administrative officer and chief accounting officer. Mike Sortino was named CAO, Jonathan Meyers as chief actuary officer and Penelope Kokkinides as the chief administration officer.

About Chief Administrative Officer Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope has over 20years of experience in the healthcare industry, particularly specializing in government health programs Medicaid and Medicare. In addition, the healthcare specialist has broad knowledge and expertise in managed care sector and development of effective clinical programs that are beneficial on improving efficiencies and infrastructure within the organization. Previously, Penelope Kokkinides worked at Centerlight Healthcare serving as the Executive VP and COO. The executive also served as COO at Touchstone Health, and at AmeriChoice serving the executive role of disease management.


During an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope explained that she works with a highly effective team in generating and implementing ideas. As an entrepreneur, she must be informed of various activities happening around the industry. It is the only way of knowing how things are moving within the industry, and information can be found through a variety of written materials. Penelope studied at Binghamton University and received degree in biological sciences, and at New York University she earned a master’s in social work. Visit Penelope’s website at

About CEO Dr. Richard Shinto

Currently, Rick Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health, and prior to that he was the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012 when the company was sold. Dr. Shinto has also worked for NAMM California and MedPartners. In 2012, the executive was honored with Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the year award for demonstrating excellence and achieving success at different companies and various positions he held. He has an experience of over 20 years in the healthcare sector. Dr. Shinto has B.S. degree, medical degree, and MBA from three universities in the United States.

About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare provider in North America. The company focuses mainly on managed healthcare services and is dedicated to providing quality services to its clients. It has developed healthcare models that are sustainable, cost-effective and that are easily integrated with modernized technology. The company provides healthcare services within the Puerto Rican government health program.