An Objective Review of the Services Offered By Securus Technologies

There was a time when families who had their loved ones in correctional facilities used to spend thousands of dollars each month to keep in touch with their loved ones. Services such as tracking, monitoring, and public safety were unheard of in the correctional facilities. However, the sector has been transformed completely, all thanks to players like Securus. We followed up some customers because we wanted to find out whether the company’s performance meets the standards of the customers.


The first customer said that he had hired Securus because he needed assistance with monitoring. He had started suspecting that there was an employee who was bringing in and trying to sell contraband through their company. They used the monitoring and tracking devices provided by Securus, and within no time, they had all the evidence that they needed to prosecute the case.


The other instance was a family that had gone to visit their loved one in the correctional facility. They state that they were greatly impressed by the level of security the company is maintaining the facilities. The 24-hour monitoring seemed to be doing a lot when it comes deterring the inmates from getting violent, and also preventing the entry of illegal substances such as firearms and mobile phones in the facilities.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies started their operations in the correctional facilities last year. When they started, they had the dream of changing the manner in which communication is done. They have managed to move from a situation where they were only managing one facility to being adopted in more than 20,000 facilities in the country. Their customers like the fact that they have put in place safe, reliable and very affordable services for them. With the kind of sound leadership at the top, Securus is destined for a lot of success.


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