David Giertz Speaks on Social Security Investment

In a recent interview with WJS, David Giertz, a financial retirement expert talks about investment advisers and their lack of communication with clients about social security. A survey completed by Giertz shows was focused on how investment advisers are interacting with clients on Social Security investment and how clients should manage this aspect of their investment portfolio.

Giertz was surprised to find out that many clients on angel.co were not being advised about the rules of social security that applied directly to a client. Since the 2,700 rules are difficult to navigate, and even harder to decipher, he is surprised at the number of people who are not informed.

He also noted that clients who are not being advised should bring it up, and insist they get the service they are paying for, which is sound financial advice that benefits their future.

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Who is David Giertz?
Giertz is a well-known, accomplished social security investment adviser. He is extremely talented and makes it known that he is ready to go above and beyond what most advisers are willing to provide. His expertise is in the private sector and the distribution of private-sector retirement plan on Instagram. Giertz is very active in the various aspects of business with Nationwide, and does his best to ensure that clients are offered the best advice possible on their retirement options.

Giertz is the Senior Vice President and Director for Nationwide Financial Distributors INC, since 2013. Giertz frequently provides interview based advice on the value of optimizing their retirement with social security investments.

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Squaw Valley Saw Record Snowfall and a Devastating Rain Event in the 2016-2017 Ski Season

Irony is a force that exists in all areas of human life. We plan a day of kite flying, but there is no wind. We go to the beach, and the clouds open up ruining our plans. There was an instance of irony for Squaw Valley, the iconic ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area, they were preparing for an early snowstorm in November, but what they received instead of snow was ten inches of rain. The rains fell rapidly, and in unusual volumes that were not absorbed by the natural filtration system of the ground, rivulets accumulated and unfortunately flowed over the soil picking up contaminants and deposited into a freshly constructed water supply at the newly established Upper Mountain Area of Squaw Valley. The restaurants there at the Upper Mountain were dutifully closed and resort guests were notified of the condition and were provided with bottled water for drinking, but the effect on Squaw Valley had to be disheartening.

This ironic turn of events and the subsequent fouling of the Upper Mountain water supply was first reported on November 8, to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health.

Since then the water has been treated and shows signs of improvement. No health issues have been reported, but Squaw Valley skiers are prohibited from drinking the water until the Placer County Environmental Health Agency gives their seal of approval for the quality of the water to the resort.

This season Squaw Valley has been blessed with near-record and record snowfalls. The previous monthly high of 202 inches was exceeded this January when 212 inches were recorded even before the end of the month. After the unfortunate rainfall of last year, this will serve the resort and their skiers very nicely. As the ski year winds down, Squaw Valley will have a hard time forgetting the irony of a rainfall at the beginning of the ski year for 2016-2017.

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Securus Technologies Challenges Their Main Competitor, GTL To A Bake-Off

Securus Technologies works in close partnerships with the corrections departments and with the public safety sector to monitor and evaluate communications systems dealing with prisoners. Earlier this year, they announced a challenge bake off competition against GTL, their main rival.


Efficiency and Costs


The challenge was meant to gauge which firm was offering the better product. The criteria used by the independent judges on the competition were focused on efficiency and cost implications of the technologies being assessed. Speaking at a news conference, the CEO Richard A. Smith remarked that the challenge was inspired by the need to disapprove the sentiments aired by their rival, GTL.


Independents Judges


GTL has always reiterated the fact that their products and services are comparable in every sense of the word to those offered by Securus Technologies. According to Rick, the CEO, however, nothing could be further from the reality.


The CEO is convinced that the challenge is akin to a one-horse race especially considering the amount of time, effort, and resources Securus has already invested-heavily- in the industry. Ricky went ahead to quote a staggering figure of $700 million as the money his firm had used to acquire related franchises and to develop and market their unique communication platforms.


$700 Million


The $700 million has been utilized in coming up with a robust tech platform which has a myriad of useful and intuitive features. The funds have catered to building the behemoth state of the art communications center as well. Securus has ended up with an entirely centralized platform, whereas GTL is still using the outdated localized platforms. The latter are more prone to fails. Hopefully, the challenge will put the matter to rest once and for all as to which company is superior.


About Securus

Securus is defined as a non-profit prison calling technology firm. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and it got founded in 1986. Currently, the firm employs over 1000 people in the over 2500 prisons across the nation and abroad.



Sculpt Your Dreams into a New Reality

Some people have a gift for telling others how to take their dreams and make them into a new reality. Darius Fisher happens to be one of these exciting, rare individuals. On a recent appearance with Daniel Budzinski’s podcast, Fisher outlined all of the ways in which people can pursue their ultimate potential. As the president of Status Labs, Fisher is familiar with all of the ways in which people can transform their online presence to better shape their worlds.


However, Fisher isn’t just a CEO. He comes from a diverse background and has worked as a writer, digital expert, communications professional and entrepreneur, to name just a few of his previous exploits.


While on the podcast, Fisher revealed that he is a native New Yorker with a passion for academics and athletics. He also pointed out that, for a modern person, whatever pops up on the internet will often define and determine that person’s destiny—for better or for worse. At the young age of 31, Fisher has managed to attract 1,500 high-profile clients to his business. Working with people across the spectrum of life, Fisher has even worked with Fortune 500 brands.


Although he started without a PR background, Fisher was able to use his entrepreneurial life skills to get ahead. With a passion for digital identities, According to Businesswire, Fisher is focused upon helping clients to display their best selves online. Pointing out the importance of the results found on the first page of Google, as well as a host of other factors that combine to comprise a person’s online presence, it’s clear that Darius Fisher maintains a true passion for what he does. Using this passion to inspire others, he has managed to make a career out of his interests.

More about Fisher here: http://www.prweek.com/article/1364574/darius-fisher-innovation-50